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What is it, you ask?

Let's just say it's a cross between a good old fashioned scavenger hunt and the Amazing Race! In fact, it's more than that. Quest Aurora is our Annual Fundraiser with a twist of fun! If you are ready to test your skills, exercise your competitive spirit, enjoy great food, win prizes AND do it all to help us end homelessness...then this is your event! This is how it works:

1. CREATE A TEAM. There are four (4) people to a team. Each team can be comprised of co-workers, family members or friends. To participate, entry fee is $25 per person, $100 per team. This year we have added Family Teams! If you would like to compete as a family because you have minors who would like to participate, you may register as a family for $75 per family. Family teams may only use one vehicle and will compete against other Family teams. You may be from an organization that wants to beat the pants off a team from a different company or organization. Now is the time to do it! All participants will receive a special T-shirt commemorating the event. However, we encourage you to be creative and come up with your own team name and uniform.

2. COLLECT SPONSORS. Each team will have the opportunity to collect donations from sponsors to help us end homelessness. The team that collects the MOST money through sponsorship gets a special prize!

3. STARTING LINE. The race will begin on August 25th at 9AM at Bicentennial Park in Aurora. Check-in will start at 8AM. A list of participating locations will be posted on our website at 8PM on Friday, August 24th. This is when your team will have the opportunity to strategize on how they will navigate the race. Maps and locations will also be provided during check-in.


4. THE QUEST. All teams will be sent out to collect items or snap selfies at each location and post to Facebook with the hashtag #questaurora and tag us @AuroraWarmsTheNight. Some locations will have free items to collect as well...for proof of visits. In order to be the winner, you must be the first team to finish the Quest having visited all locations. Some locations will require all 4 team members at the same time, while others only need one. There will be prizes for different categories. For example; oldest team, youngest team, government agencies, healthcare, churches, etc. 


5. FINISH LINE. The first team that completes all tasks and visits all locations with proof of visits wins the grand prize. 


That's it! After the race, we will all meet at the Dry Dock Brewing Company - North Dock for a raffle and awards ceremony with great food provided by The Crazy Caterer!


Want to participate? You know you do! Come on... get started and register online today!



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